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When to Seek Medical Intervention for Your Sports-Related Back Pain

When you play a sport, you’re at risk for hurting your back. According to a spine health expert, 90% of sports-related back injuries heal on their own, which is good news. But what about the other 10%?

At the Pain Treatment Institute in Plano and Sherman, Texas, double-board-certified Sameer Syed, MD, MPH, and the rest of our team offer expert care for your back pain

What kinds of sports injuries cause back pain?

If you injure your back, you need to be aware of the different types of injuries that can happen.

Cervical injuries

These injuries are also sometimes called stingers. They occur in your neck when your cervical nerve root gets stretched or compressed, which can cause your shoulder to tingle or feel numb. 

This type of injury usually resolves on its own, but if your pain continues, you need to see Dr. Syed and our team as soon as possible for an evaluation.

Lower back injuries

These injuries typically result from lifting too much weight in the gym or not using the proper technique. You can sprain or strain the area, which causes damage to your muscles or tendons due to overstretching or tearing your ligaments. 

These injuries are usually acute and heal on their own. You can take over-the-counter medications to reduce any inflammation and nagging pain.


When you repeat the same motion over and over again in sports, you might experience a stress fracture. For example, sports such as gymnastics and diving require the same repetitive movements, which can put you at risk for hurting the structure of your spine.

You can also experience a crack in your spinal column due to repeated strain, which causes lower back pain. 

What happens during a consultation for back pain?

When you come to our practice, we consult with you first to understand your injury and the root cause of your symptoms. We also perform a thorough exam, which might include imaging and lab tests to diagnose your condition. 

Once Dr. Syed pinpoints your issue, he can prescribe your treatment. Dr. Syed treats you according to the type and severity of your condition. Therapies might include a back brace, injections, physical therapy, medications, or surgery.

Seek help for persistent back pain

Whether you hurt your back playing recreational sports, working out at the gym, or playing professional sports, don’t dismiss your pain. 

If your back pain doesn’t subside on its own in a few days, you should come see us at the Pain Treatment Institute. Contact us by phone or use the online booking tool to make an appointment at one of our two offices.

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