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Sameer Syed, MD, MPH

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Headaches are a common source of pain, with about 12% of Americans suffering from migraines. Fortunately, some simple headache treatments are within reach at Pain Treatment Institute in Plano and Sherman, Texas. Board-certified pain management physician Sameer Syed, MD, MPH, uses innovative pain management techniques to relieve headaches and migraines for good and restore your quality of life. Call to learn more or schedule an appointment online today.

Headaches Q & A

What are headaches and migraines?

Headaches and migraines are a pain in your head that can last several hours or days. Headaches might feel like dull, aching pains or sharp shooting pains. Migraines are severe headaches, and their symptoms include:

  • A pulsing sensation or throbbing pain
  • Pain on one or both sides of your head
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Visual disturbances, such as light flashes or wavy vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Weakness or numbness in your face or one side of your body
  • Lightheadedness

Sometimes headache and migraine pain is so severe that it’s physically disabling. Migraines often start to occur in childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood. They usually progress through four main stages including prodrome, aura, headache, and post-drome. Each stage has its own set of symptoms, warning signs, and effects on your body.

What causes headaches and migraines?

While the cause of headaches and migraines isn’t fully understood, numerous factors can play a role in their development. Environmental and genetic factors that can trigger head pain include:

  • Medications
  • Stress
  • Dehydration
  • Intense exercise
  • Food additives
  • Certain foods and drinks
  • Environmental changes
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Bright lights and other sensory stimuli
  • Hormonal changes in women

Women are more likely to suffer from migraines than men. These severe headaches tend to peak during your 30s and become less frequent and severe in your 40s and beyond.

How are headaches and migraines diagnosed?

At Pain Treatment Institute, Dr. Syed reviews your medical history and symptoms and completes a thorough examination to determine the cause of headaches or migraines.

He might recommend blood tests, MRIs, CT scans, or a spinal tap to rule out serious underlying medical conditions associated with head pain.

What is the treatment for headaches?

Dr. Syed at Pain Treatment Institute creates a custom treatment plan just for you to ease headaches and migraines and restore your quality of life. He may recommend:

Lifestyle changes

Dr. Syed might suggest lifestyle changes as the first line of defense against headaches and migraines. Examples include making diet or exercise changes, taking dietary supplements, drinking more water, reducing stress, and getting more sleep.

Massage and relaxation techniques

Sometimes massage or muscle relaxation exercises can relieve head pain related to muscle tension.


Acupuncture has helped reduce pain in some people with chronic headaches or migraines.


Dr. Syed might recommend medications that relieve headaches or prevent migraines from occurring.

Don’t let headaches prevent you from enjoying your favorite everyday activities. Call Pain Treatment Institute for an appointment today or use the online scheduler.

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